Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum Review

The Lesotho Dyson trademark ball is a perfect machine to remove all untidy pet hair from your home surfaces. It is a four wheel machine was made under the Dyson Cyclone technology, and the name of this machine is Dyson DC28 Animal. This high technical machine can pull up quantities of dust, dirt and particularly the pet hair from surfaces. The company also guaranteed you of “ No Loss of Suction” while you are running them on your floor.


This excellent machine, Dyson was designed for those pet lovers whose pet sheds a lot of untidy hair into the surfaces. The machine can remove almost all pet hair or dander from every possible surface such as homes and cars.


This vacuum cleaner can suction all pet dander easily and quickly. The four different roller brush bar will help you to operate the machine on any height and types of the floor. The High efficiency particular air filter (HEPA filter) will enable you to pull up all dirt, dust, mold bacteria even 0.5 microns in size. The filter is washable and meet the specific standards fix by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Dyson DC 28 has obtained “Asthma and Allergy Friendly” certificate from the American Asthma and Allergy Foundation. It can blow fresher air than it pulls into it.

This machine is bit heavy 20 pounds in weight, but can be moved easily for its wheels.


The machine has a strong power cord of 35.2 feet in size and equipped with 16-foot "Quick Draw" telescope tube through which you can reach into high dusty surface and clean them easily. This technology also uses Airmuscle which includes three devices that adjust the head to fit any type of soil in your house cleaning. The dustbin can holds more than half gallon junks. The fact that this difference cannot work on the brand of the famous Dyson ball and it may be embarrassing for you if you prefer ball movement style.


The machine has stair tool and combining tool that cleans waste, and can then be adjusted in order to avoid dust. You may be a little disappointed if you prefer authentic dust brush firmly. In addition, this combining tool can fulfill your needs. There is also a mini turbine head tack to clean the inside of the car clean, and a "flat" hood helps to clean under furniture.


The company offers you a five-year of warranty. It you want to get more information about the machine or their local service areas then you can contact with the company via email or call them on the phone. You can visit the company’s web site and see videos about how the machine can help you to clean dust as well as pet hair.


The pet lovers who are really unhappy with those untidy pet hair on their cloths, furnitures, floor or inside the car can find a better solution by using the Dyson DC28 Animal. This machine is specially designed for those pet lovers. This machine is a blessing for anyone who have allergies or asthma but love their pretty pet.

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