Easy Ways to Reduce Cat Allergy Symptoms

The cats are one of the cutest pets but can also cause allergic reaction, and you may suffer from sneezing, sniffling and watery eyes. Use the following natural methods to control allergic reactions from cats and enjoy the cute antics in your house.


Regular Bathing

Persistent grooming and prissy nature of your cats are going to provide no respite from allergic reactions unless you also regularly clean them with good bath soap. Make sure to bathe your cat using hypoallergenic pet shampoo at least once a week. Either use dampened wash cloth to thoroughly rub down your cat with hypoallergenic shampoo mixed water or give a good soaking sink bath. Rinse your cat with clean water. You should understand that cats don’t like water, and if you have not developed bathing habits right from the days when they were kittens, you are going to have trouble in bathing them.

The cats’ skin and saliva serve as allergens to induce reactions and regular bathe eliminates these allergens. Mostly, the dried saliva in the cat’s fur and dander from their skin induce allergic reactions in humans. These allergens are washed away on regular bathing and so the chances of allergy are significantly reduced.


Brushing or Combing

The cats shed hairs while playing inside the house and uncontrolled hair shedding can induce allergic reactions. Just like the dogs, you have to regularly brush your cats and kittens at least once a week so that they don’t shed loose hairs around the house. Regular brushing will significantly reduce the chances of developing or coughing hairballs as your cats or kittens swallow fewer amounts of hairs while grooming.


Vacuum and Shut Doors

Restricting cat’s access to your living areas such as bedrooms will definitely help in effectively preventing cat allergy. Regular cleaning of your house is extremely important, and you have to vacuum the carpeted rooms with best vacuum for pet hair at least once a week. The cleaning with brooms will not be sufficient to remove the shaded dander and hair from your cat.


Recruit Family Members

It’s simply not possible to do these household chores by only one member of the family all the times and therefore, you have to recruit other family members to perform these cleaning and caring in order to prevent cat allergy. Some members within the family may have strong immunity against cat allergy and therefore, they are more suitable for bathing or brushing the cats and vacuuming the house. The cooperation of the least allergic members will help in preventing allergic reactions in family members who are more allergic to the cats.

However, if are not fortunate enough to get support from the family members, don’t forget to wear a disposable mask while bathing, brushing the cats and vacuuming the house bathing or brushing the cats and vacuuming the house in order to prevent cat allergy.

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