Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F Review

Most people say they love pets. Whether it be dogs, or cats, or both, almost everyone will have a preference about which they'd rather have. This being said, there comes a time where everyone wishes they didn't have to clean up after their pet. If you've ever felt this way, have no fear! the Eureka 3684F Pet Lover Canister Vacuum was made specifically for you! This vacuum was made to do the hard work for you and let you enjoy and love your pet without having to worry about they mess they make.


The following are some features which are included in the Eureka 3684F model vacuum:


If you couldn't tell already, the name implies that this vacuum was made specifically with pets in mind. Everyone knows cleaning up after them can be tedious at times, so the Eureka was made to pick up everything from the thick tumbleweeds made of hair that roll through your house down to the fine dander particles that are also left behind by your pets. Most vacuums can only do one or the other, but that's what makes the Eureka so special, it specializes in cleaning up both! Even in carpet, the Pet Power Paw attachment rakes through the fibers in the carpet and churns up any hair that might have been trapped there previously.


On top of all that, the Eureka also has a built in odor-absorber which helps to eliminate any distasteful smells that your pet may leave behind. Typically these smells actually originate from airborne particles which can be hard to get rid of. Again, thanks to the Eureka, it's able to absorb this dust along with any dust that may have gotten caught in furniture, carpet, or even clothing!


If you find that you have a mess outside that you're trying to clean up, you can even switch it onto the blower setting and just blow the dirt and dust out of the way and let it be carried away back into nature. Keep in mind that the Eureka comes with a 12 amp motor that can handle much more than you'd ever need it for while still keeping it easily manageable by even a child!


Features in Design:

As mentioned before, the Eureka was designed to be easily manageable, so this means that it's been designed to be as lightweight as possible while still being extremely durable at the same time! It weighs in at only 9lbs, so even if you have to carry it up stairs, it's very manageable and if you need to go a long distance, there's even built in wheels for ease of transportation.


One other feature that many people often wish was included in their household vacuum is the 20 foot cord that's paired with the 7 foot hose and telescopic wand. Combined with each of these together, you nearly have a 30 foot reach with the Eureka!Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F-2


Also, if you were wondering about the dust canister, it actually takes 2.6qt bags, so it's one of the largest on the market. This allows you to clean longer without having to empty the bag after every use like many other vacuums available today!


Built-in Safety Features:

If for some reason the Eureka 3684F was to begin overheating, it will realize and automatically turn itself off so that it doesn't damage or melt any internal pieces. Some common ways that overheating may begin is if the bag is overfilled, there's a blockage in the hose, or if the filter hasn't been cleaned in a very long time. Also, if for some reason something were to get tangled in the beaters underneath, it would automatically shut off to prevent injury to either the user or the vacuum.


If you haven't noticed already, there's not many features that this piece of equipment doesn't have built in already! Even though you might not have pets, the Eureka will still work wonderfully and is able to clean up any type of dust or dirt. Also, on top of the telescopic attachment, there are various other pieces that will allow you to reach under, above, or around anything that might make it difficult to clean a certain area of your home.


If for some reason the 20 foot cord isn't quite long enough for your needs, you can always use an extension cord and have the Eureka reach as far as you need it to. Please keep in mind that there are some people who feel that the cleaning hose is a bit flimsy, but up to this point in time there have been no complaints of it breaking or taking on any damage, so it seems not to be an issue. Also, there have been some people who say the vacuum runs rather loud, but this is more a matter of personal preference. This being said, with the extreme cleaning capability offered, what more could you expect?

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