Getting Rid of your Pet’s Hair on Furniture and Carpets

My house is a ruckus with pets; I have had them for quite some time. Unavoidably, my little adorable balls of fur shed their hair on my carpets and furniture—all throughout my home. I have discovered ways, however, to remove their hair from carpets and furniture without having to shave their luscious fur off them.

Carpet Sweeping

Instead of using the vacuum over the furniture or carpet, I make use of a regular broom to remove the hair of my pet from the carpet or furniture. I sweep the pet hair naturally—just the way I sweep my other non-carpeted rooms.


By sweeping, I not only get rid of pet hair but also of human hair. Moreover, I do this before using the pet hair vacuum so that the loose hair will not intertwine with the roller of the vacuum neither will the pet hair clog the hoses of my ever trusted vacuum.


By doing this first, I will not have to spend much time cutting or pulling the hair off the roller of the vacuum and unclogging the hoses if I sweep the area first with a broom.


On the contrary, if I do not sweep the area before I vacuum it, chances are, I have to unscrew the machine and clean the hose before putting it back. This is due to the one of the hoses attachment to the bottom of the machine. This, in turn, can be a very tedious job for me. Before I discovered this trick, I had to several times take out the roller to clean it from pet hair.


Furniture: Lint Rolling is the Key

I have used a lint roller several times to remove cat and dog hair off of the fabric covered couch and recliners. This normally works as a quick way to remove the loose pet hair from the furniture.


The use of the lint roller, however, will not remove pet hair caught on fabric. I would also advise people to NOT use the lint roller on a fully carpeted area. I shake small thrower rugs outside and then I use the lint roller on them. These are the small rugs I deem cannot be vacuumed over.


Just like sweeping the floor, shaking smaller thrower rugs shall remove the excess dirt and pet hair. The other stubborn or 'ground in' debris or pet hair can become loosened while using the lint roller.

Sticky Tape on Hand Way

If I cannot see my lint roller, what I usually do is that I place an adhesive tape around my fingers. The sticky side shall be facing out while my rubbing hand that brushes the furniture's surfaces.

Water and Rubber Glove Way
We all know that cats love to sleep on the sofa. This method, the water and rubber glove way will pave the way for the cleaning of larger areas. This is done by the submerging in water the fingertips of people. This in turn, will remove the pet's hair when the fingers brushes unto the surface with pet hair.

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