How pet owners can keep their homes free of pet hair

Most of the time we are having a problem with our dog, cat or other pet’s hair. But, it is not such a big problem to hire a maid servant to clean up your pet hair. You just have to maintain some cleaning tips to give your house looking like a pet free house. You can ensure a safe and comfortable place for your pet dog to nap on the sofa or your bed.


You should start from the source of the problem. You may brush your pet daily, as a result you can keep your furnitures, bed, floor or other places of your home free from pet hair. Regular brushing will help you to keep your pet’s coat well and also help you to keep your home safe. It can give an excellent lineament of your pets.


Use a lint brush always. It is hard to keep your clothes free from your own pet hairs, in this case, the lint brush can help you. But, it can not help you well if you play with your pet dog and your shirt are fully covered with fur. In this case, you should change your clothes. You can use a piece of packing tape to remove hair, if you don’t have a brush. You just have to press the gummy side of your clothes and remove hair.


You can also keep your furniture clean from pet hair, if you covered them always. Moreover, you will find a better solution to remove pet hair from your furniture, which you can read in the next paragraph. But, as it is an article about how to remove pet hairs, it recommends to you to cover up your pet’s favorite sofa. It is easy to clean up your sofa if you cover them with a cover or throw. You just have to uncover them regularly and throw the dust to the garbage.


Vacuum the pet hair regularly. If you vacuum your floors on daily or weekly basis, you can keep your floors completely hair-free. A single run with the vacuum cannot remove all pet-hair completely, so you should run the vacuum for several times across the carpet from different directions. The upholstery brush can clean up your upholstery, so you have to use a brush to clean with a vacuum cleaner.  If the problem still exists and you don’t want to drag a vacuum daily then you can buy a handheld vacuum to clean easily. These vacuum cleaners for pet hair are light in weight and easy to carry. You can pull them easily and can clean your floor quickly. There is also another opportunity for you to clean your floors without touching the vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum will help you to clean your floor continually without spending your energy.


You are strongly prohibited not to use a Swiffer or other products related to sweeping. Attempting with an old fashioned broom cannot give you better result as the dust or pet hair used to cling to the cloth of cleaner. As a result, may be few hairs will be left on your floor. You can use washable microfiber clothes instead of normal clothes in the cleaner.


Hope, you can keep your home free of pet hair and these tips will help you clean your perfectly.

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