How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpeted Stairs

Pet hairs on the carpeted stairs will certainly erode your sense of style, but it can be very difficult to clean stairs without using right pet hair vacuum cleaner attachments. The hose or brush attached to your vacuum cleaner may not be sufficient to pick up individual pet hairs as they stick to the fibers of the carpet like thorns. You cannot even think of using an upright vacuum on the stairs. The stair edges may get permanently damaged from the heat generated by the rotating belt and carrying it all the way will definitely strain your shoulders and back. However, there is no need to use vacuum cleaners on the stairs to clean pet hairs. You can easily clean your carpeted stairs by using the following simple methods to get clean stairs just like other carpeted areas of your house:


Cheap Box Tapes
There is no need to waste your money on lint brushes for cleaning carpeted stairs, particularly to remove pet hairs. Lint brushes are not very effective in picking up pet hairs, and you may have to use many sheets for the task which can be easily done by using cheap box tape. Box tapes are very cost-effective and one roll can keep your stairs clean from pet hairs for weeks. Simply cover your carpeted stair steps by using box tape, making a big piece of cover by overlapping the edges of the tape. Press down the tape strips so that pet hairs stick to it and simultaneously remove the entire tape strip. The tape strips are sticky enough to pick up all the crumbs, lint, pet hairs and other fragments.


Dampened Rubber Cleaning Glove

You can pick up pet hairs from the carpeted steps using your bare hands but dampened rubber gloves can make your life much easier. The dampened rubber gloves allow you to make small pet hairballs by rubbing over the carpet fibers. These clumps of pet hair can be easily removed. As compared to box tapes or other disposable cleaning instruments, the rubber gloves are multi purpose and durable.


Rubber Broom or Brush

The rubber brush or broom is even more effective in cleaning pet hairs from the carpeted stairs. The brushes are specifically designed with straight rubber edges and bristles so that it can be effectively used for clearing areas like stairs. You can easily make clumps of pet hairs by brushing the carpet with a rubber brush. You can also use a rubber broom if you are more comfortable in gathering pet hairs by using the brooms. Once pet hairs are gathered, they can be manually removed. Sometimes, manual cleaning is much better than vacuuming!

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