iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies Review

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies ReviewEveryone's dreamed of a world where robots assisted us with the daily tasks of live enabling us to have more free time to invest elsewhere. Believe it or not, that time has come! Well, not completely, but we're getting close now that the Roomba 770 has been unveiled to the world. Just take a quick glance at this beautiful piece of technology and you'll fall in love with the sleek design and superior cleaning ability. The Roomba has built in bumpers on the edges that prevent it from damaging itself or your furniture as it crawls around your house cleaning up after you. You may also notice that the buttons are recessed into the machine itself, adding to the sleek design and ease of use.


The Roomba actually has a HEPA filter built in which ensures the collection of extra fine particles within your home. One of the best things about the Roomba 770 is that it will naturally return to it's "home" which also doubles as the charger for the vacuum. This ensures that it always stays charged and can clean at any hour on any day. On top of this, there's always a battery status indicator to show you how much charge is left in your Roomba.


At maximum charge, the Roomba can run for 90 minutes and then will automatically return back to the base to charge itself. Many other competing vacuums will actually just die in the middle of cleaning, but the Roomba 770 knows when it's getting low and will head back without any human direction needed.


According to statistics, this particular model actually makes 60 decisions per second in order to determine whether or not each room is clean enough to move onto the next one. This being said, there's really no pattern to where the vacuum travels. Instead, it seemingly wanders around the space and frequently passes over the same areas twice, thus wasting passes. On top of this, there's actually a scheduling option which allows you to tell it when to clean so that it can stay out of your way when you're active in the home. Many people also worry about it falling down stairs or becoming stuck on something, but the technology inside it prevents both of these from happening.


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Another cool option that's been built-in is the spot feature. If you've made a mess in an area, you can tell the Roomba to focus on that area until it's clean, rather than having it go about the entire room. Out of all the Roomba models on the market, the 770 has the best HEPA filter and the longest lasting battery at this point in time. There's also the added focus of seeking to be the best vacuum for pet hair. The head of the 770 was re-designed in order to better accommodate to cleaning up pet hair specifically.


One of the most loved features that's now built in is the ability to create virtual walls in order to keep the Roomba out of specific areas that you don't want it to clean. The only downside to them is that there are only two virtual walls included in the box, but most people don't need more than that.


The machine itself actually measures 3.6 inches high and 13.9 inches across. Because of this, it has the ability to easily travel underneath just about anything and clean those places that normal cleaning tools wouldn't be able to reach well. There's also a built-in alert for when the bin is full so that you know when it needs to be dumped without having to constantly remember to check it.


There is some maintenance required with the 770, but all the parts that need regular attention are colored yellow so that they're easy to keep track of. Besides that, there's no reason why a Roomba 770 wouldn't work for your cleaning needs. With the HEPA filter, the sensors, the virtual walls, and just the convenience of it doing the vacuuming on it's own, the Roomba makes your life easier no matter which way you look at it! Don't settle for another vacuum that claims to do the same thing, the Roomba 770 has it all and is the current leader in the market, don't forget it!

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