The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair 2019

When looking for vacuum cleaners, there are top models, and it is possible to find the best vacuum for pet hair. During the past three decades I have tried out every type of vacuum cleaner ever invented. The best machine is one that works for you, is simple to use, and that you enjoy using, though there are some choices that are superior to others.


The most important feature of a vacuum, in my opinion, is the on board tools. When you have to stop and turn the machine upside down to put the tools on or take them off, or if they are located within the handle, the chances of you using them go down. Because of this, difficult corners and out of the way places won’t get cleaned, meaning that it isn’t the best vacuum for pet hair.


After this, the most important feature in the best vacuum for pet hair is power. An excellent test is to see if the vacuum will suck up a cotton swab. It is also good to see if the vacuum will suck up the cord if you run over it. There are even machines that warn you not to run them while without proper footwear. This is a sign of a vacuum with the power needed.


It is also helpful to find a machine with a bag to contain dirt. The hype around bagless vacuums is unjustified in my opinion. I prefer the vacuumed dirt to be out of sight, and I certainly want to avoid touching it, or having it escape back into my home, which happens often with bagless vacuums. They do not empty automatically, and you normally must use your hand to reach in and remove the dirt. Gross!


I also prefer an upright vacuum over a canister vacuum, since that will help you avoid banging up walls and knocking over tables and chairs. It is also helpful to have a headlight on the machine, since it will help you see the dirt that is often missed due to poor lighting.


I know that I will vacuum often, so for me the best vacuum for pet hair is one that is lightweight. It is also important for the machine to squeeze in tight spaces and underneath furniture. I prefer my vacuums to be simple for stair use, though it is recommended that you keep a vacuum for each level of the home, as well as a small vacuum for the stairs, since small, light models are available for this purpose.


An excellent addition to any vacuum is an extension cord. After I begin cleaning, I don’t like to have to pause and plug the machine in once or twice in each room. With an extension cord you will only have to plug in once or twice, and if you happen to bend the plug by pulling on it too hard, you only have to replace the extension cord.


There are some machines that make more noise than others, and at times I do use a broom just because it is quieter. However, it takes a vacuum to pick up flea eggs that hide in the carpet, so a home with pets must have the best vacuum for pet hair and flea prevention.


Now, what brand of vacuum is the best vacuum for pet hair? It is, without doubt, a Miele. I have owned a pair of these machines for over a decade. The Panasonic vacuums are not very pricy either. If it costs over a hundred dollars, it is too expensive.


If you wish to purchase a vacuum made in America, you can buy a Miele, with no chance for regret. Despite the fact that I am in the market for an affordable robotic vacuum, my pair of Mieles are far from worn out. It just seems like a good idea to spread the work around. I will finish the weekly deep cleaning with the Panasonic models, and allow the robot to vacuum daily. I don’t know how successful they will be at picking up pet hair, but it will be interesting to find out if my pets like the robot. 

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